Horsano is a solution for all horse lovers.


Horsano will support veterinarians with an intelligent health assistant for control and stability in horse treatment. It will simplify the work of the veterinarian, increase his efficiency and support him in diagnosis and observation during treatment.

monitoring of sick horses

health reports

remote consultation

organization of visits and work of the veterinarian

Veterinary clinics

Horsano will support veterinary clinics by providing constant, intelligent insight into a horse's vital signs. It will thus provide control and stability in the treatment and monitoring of horses both before and after operations.

diagnostic support

detection of post-operative complications

monitoring of multiple horses simultaneously

post-operative monitoring


Horsano is your horse's personal health, fitness and well-being assistant for peace of mind. Great for transport, competition, in the stable or paddock. It keeps watch whenever the horse is left alone without human supervision.

fast detection of diseases

minimizes the risk of losing your horse

monitoring during transport and competitions

horse management

Horse owners

Horsano is a smart assistant for your horse's health, which will provide you with quick contact with a veterinarian when your horse's life is in danger. With Horsano, you will always be in touch with your horse at your fingertips.

24/7 health monitoring

quick consultation with a veterinarian

minimizing the risk of losing your horse

personal groom 24/7

Horse breeders

Horsano is a smart assistant for horse health during pregnancy. It facilitates its monitoring throughout its duration, recognizing any complications as soon as the first symptoms appear.

pregnancy monitoring

delivery time

quick consultation with a veterinarian

personal groomer 24/7

Owners of stables and equestrian centers

We increase the quality, prestige and safety of your stable by enabling you to use new technologies in caring for the health of your horses. By doing so, we increase competitiveness and broaden the offer for your stable's customers.

Horsano rental to clients

monitoring of horses with disease

improving communication with the clien

highest level of care