Horsano is a smart assistant for your horse's health and fitness that will give you peace of mind.

The device and app give you many benefits.

Constant monitoring of vital functions 24/7

11x faster diagnosis time

i-Vet to quick contact with veterinarian

health alerts

Why is it worth it?

Horsano will help you in many everyday situations such as:

monitoring during transport

Post-operative care

Pregnancy monitoring

Health reports

Horse management

(vaccinations, vet, diet, training)

Monitoring of condition and well-being at competitions

And all this from anywhere on earth!

Why is it worth it?

Horsano generates savings-In addition to peace of mind, Horsano will provide you with real savings.

11-fold accelerates the time of diagnosis


constant monitoring will provide you with information about the risk as soon as the first symptoms appear

10-fold reduction in treatment costs

faster diagnosis is the best way to avoid trips to the clinic and costly surgeries

When to use it?

During competition

When leaving a horse in a stall during a competition in a new environment and among other horses, you know how it will spend the night. The system will inform you of any stressful situations, determine your horse’s nocturnal activity and give you a better estimate of its condition immediately before the competition.

During transport

When buying horses abroad, having them transported or going to competitions yourself, you can constantly monitor their condition, well-being and health.

By night

Prevention is better than cure, Socrates used to say. Horsano will take control of your horse’s health and condition when you leave him alone in the stable or paddock. It is best used every day after your horse’s evening grooming. It is at bedtime that most illnesses and diseases including the one most dangerous to horses, colic, occur.

During pregnancy

Every breeder knows very well how much time and energy is consumed by the birth of a young horse. Horsano will help you monitor the pregnancy and accurately determine the moment of birth. An alert system will inform you of this fact. Thanks to which you can sleep soundly, without fear of missing, this most important moment.

In medical conditions and after operations

When you suspect disease symptoms in your horse, you can put Horsano on him and monitor his vital functions remotely. If his health deteriorates, Horsano will inform you immediately.